Pakistan e-Rozgaar


The Ministry of Information Technology and PSEB are leading a transformative initiative to establish 250 e-Rozgaar centers in Pakistan, fostering growth for freelancers and startups. These centers, operating on a public-private partnership model, provide dedicated workspaces and address financial barriers through interest-free loans up to Rs. 10.00 million. Established in every district in collaboration with provincial IT departments, the initiative aims to empower and elevate the digital entrepreneurial landscape in Pakistan.


Objective :

The objective of the Project is to establish 250 e-Rozgaar centers across Pakistan to facilitate freelancers and startups.



Province spread of e-Rozgaar is based on population of the provinces as well as data 1.2 million freelancers from ignite.



The key incentives of this initiative lie in its multifaceted support system aimed at catalyzing the growth of freelancers and startups.