Huawei is holding its first IP and Optical Forum in Islamabad.

Huawei is holding its first IP and Optical Forum in Islamabad from 21-23 October. The event is being held under the theme of building the 5G and cloud-oriented intelligent IP + Optical network.

5G and cloud Services will bring enormous pressure on the optical and IP networks. In order for the industry to cope with these challenges, this event will provide insight into innovative and smart solutions. Huawei will continue to exhibit its cutting-edge products to contribute to the Pakistani ICT industry and the ecosystem.

Federal Secretary of  Information Technology and Telecommunication Mr. Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui graced the occasion as chief guest. He appreciated Huawei’s efforts saying,

Huawei is a source of pride for Pakistan. 60% of the Pakistani population consists of youth. It is a dynamic country with a lot of potential in every field. We acknowledge the efforts of Huawei in this field, they’ve shown tremendous potential here. 5G is the call of the day, Huawei stepping forward in the field of IT is of immense importance for Pakistan. The ministry’s dream is to see the provision of this technology all over Pakistan. Long term plans of Pak China collaboration are always welcome and appreciated. Collaboration in all fields and especially IT can be a great source of innovation.

Mr. Li Yuanling, Counselor at the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan also attended the event. In his speech, he mentioned the Pak China relationship by saying,

The bonds China has with Pakistan has no limits. The efforts of Huawei in Pakistan being a Chinese telecom giant is of immense pride for all. The current era emphasizes digital connectivity and ICT plays a vital role in a country’s development. All the expansion and growth in connectivity require enormous bandwidth on IP and optical networks. Huawei has designed this forum to focus on Huawei’s IP and Optical vision and strategy, building intelligent IP networks towards 5G and cloud  and using AI to build autonomous networks.

The event was attended by people from all walks of life. Mobile operators, fixed-line operators, government officials, and enterprises attended the event. 16 special technology demo booths presented live demos and how real-time network solutions work.

Huawei invited global experts from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East to present their understanding and knowledge about the latest technology.

The event will be held for 3 days at the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad. Technology experts and concerned officials are welcome to attend and see the live demos.