First meeting of Pakistan-Iran Joint Working Group on ICTs held in Islamabad

The Inaugural Session of Pakistan-Iran Joint Working Group on Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) was held in Islamabad on Thursday.

The meeting was co-chaired by Federal Secretary Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication Mr. Shoaib Ahmad Siddiqui and Deputy Minister for Innovation and Technology Affairs, Ministry of Information and Communications Technology, Iran, Prof. Sattar Hashemi.

The discussions revolved around exploring areas of mutual cooperation in the field of ICT and the creation of an enabling environment for harnessing the benefits of 4th Industrial Revolution and resulting digital space for the greater benefit of people especially the youth.  The consultative session further streamlined on the beneficial use of mutual expertise on either side in the field of Information and Communication Technologies leading to capacity building initiatives, improving the situation of internet in the region and exchange of best practices through efficient use of technology.

During the said session both sides shared about the developments of their local ICT sectors and emphasized on learning from each other’s experiences and to further improve the working relation relating to connectivity.

The meeting concluded on the note of continuing discussions and collaboration in the field of ICTs for jointly and severally achieving the Sustainable Development Goals through efficient use of technology.