E-Office is an application helping the Government departments to go paperless. It is aimed at improving internal efficiencies in an organization through electronic administration.

The physical file movement of official files and documents consumes a lot of time and requires continuous monitoring from desk to the desk before the final decision is made by the senior officials. Consequently, many crucial decisions get delayed due to the slow movement of files and/or unavailability or absence of the senior officials in the government offices. In addition, the hazard of theft and missing of files is also common in most of the government offices. The immediate need in such a scenario is to have a system in place where an authorized employee could locate the required documents and/or files in the shortest possible time.

E-Office is a step forward into an era of paperless administration in the government offices. It is a digital workplace solution that replaces the existing method of manual handling of files and documents with an efficient electronic system. The app can update and share files with other relevant users and eventually store them with proper references. The electronic system has its inherent advantages such as data stored digitally with audit trails for every transaction being done. Regular backups and Disaster Recovery systems (DRS) are in place which ensures that the Government files are not damaged in case of any mishap.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

  • Active Users 6760
  • DR Poll up to 500 million
  • Up to Rs. 300 million savings on stationary
  • Up to 80% Operating Time-saving
  • Up to 80% increase in efficiency